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Election Results

Results are in from the 2018 IEEE Elections. I am now the 2019-20 Director-Elect for Region 2, and after serving with Wolfram Betterman in those two years, will be the Director from 2021-22.
Thanks to everyone who voted in the IEEE elections, and a special thanks to those who supported me with those votes. I have been in correspondence with both Phil and Emlio - both real assets to the organization, who I know will continue to contribute a great deal to it. I look forward to working to support Wolfram in the next two years, and to leading in the term after. I invite anyone with ideas on how to improve the organization to reach out to either Wolfram or to me - I know he will now be exceptionally busy getting ready to take the reins in a few months.

Thanks also to Kate, Tim, Parviz, Murty, Marc, Guru, Felicia and my lovely lady for encouraging me in various ways to run for the position.

Finally, thanks to Amarjeet for welcoming me in to my first meeting with the NoVA section back in early 2004. His very clear instruction at the time was to “get involved”. I listened, and am grateful.

As I said in my campaign materials, the key to IEEE is maintaining vision, staying involved and being passionate. I hope to see you all at the various IEEE functions, as well as around the community, YOUR involvement and activism is what is needed!!


IEEE Region 2 Director-Elect Barry Tilton
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